White Marble Rolling Pin with Deluxe Wood Handles and CradleWhite Marble Rolling Pin with Deluxe Wood Handles and CradleWhite Marble Rolling Pin with Deluxe Wood Handles and Cradle

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Model number: 74220

Model Number: 74220
MaterialNatural Marble + Wood
FinishPolished Finish
Country of OriginTaiwan

If you love baking, then it's time to say hello to your new best friend. The cylinder on this rolling pin is made out of sleek marble, which makes it both heavier and more powerful than an ordinary plastic or wooden rolling pin. Since it's so smooth, it's also less likely to pick up flour and clinging lumps of dough as you roll out your latest recipe, turning cooking and cleanup into a much easier job.
The big, comfortable wooden handles stay warm, smooth, and secure in your hands while you work, and once you're done, you can use the included wooden cradle to you can keep it stored safely on your countertop, away from uneven surfaces and overcrowded kitchen drawers.
Our various color rolling pin which provided solid wooden cradle, 4" long comfort-grip wooden handle on each side, 10" long solid marble roller on center. it is convenient to keep rolling pin still and sturdy when you are not in use. This is essential tool for any kitchen.
Our durable and heavy weight natural marble rolling pin, it just takes very little pressure then can roll out perfect dough. Due to it's natural coolness and non-stick properties on surface, therefore, it is great for rolling out stiff dough, pastries, pizza, fondant and more.
  • Made with beautiful polished natural marble with veining unique to each piece
  • Comes with a wood cradle for your rolling pin when not in use
  • The smoothness and heft of the marble make it ideal for a rolling pin
  • Hand wash only. Just hand wash and warm water with mild soap and allow to air dry